In art we trust

Our company “20:20 Iconic Art Vision” has successfully worked in the international arena of art industries and participated in more than 30 projects.

We have compiled a list of our most striking projects.

The first project was launched in December 2017 in partnership with a major Moscow developer PSN Group and lasted for 2 years. The project included the organization of more than 10 exhibitions, as well as meetings with artists and lectures on art history and ballet.

As part of the project we also participated and supported charity organisations.

We have collected the most interesting projects from our cooperation with the PSN Group here

Presentation of the project "Polyanka 44"

In September 2018, our British company fully curated the project “Infinity of Light”, with the exhibition opening a new gallery “Can Boni” in Mallorca, Spain.

In April 2018, our Swiss project “Reconstructing the reality” started. This exhibition brought together the works of four famous British artists Steve Burden, Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf, Ed Saye, Sara Willett and was first held in Geneva at the D10 Gallery and in February 2019 in Zurich at the Peyer Fine Art Gallery

In June 2019, our company became the permanent curator of a contemporary art exhibition project at 12 Hay Hill, an indoor private club in central London.  As part of this project, we organized and curated numerous exhibitions that were located on five floors of the building.

For two years we have presented personal and collective exhibitions of prominent artists such as:

  • Salvador Dali,
  • Anthony Quinn,
  • Paul Benney,
  • Jill Blackwood,
  • Sara Willett,
  • Rebecca Fontaine Wolf,
  • Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev,
  • Galina Poloz,
  • Mexican art photographer Pierre Fudaryli,
  • Katya Shkolnik,
  • Nidhi Wiesner,
  • Esther Mahlangu and many others.