In art we trust

D.A.R. based on the principles and goals of the British consulting company ”20:20 Iconic Art Vision”, which was also founded by Karina Gulyaeva-Garber and under the leadership of which more than 30 exhibitions were held in continental Europe, the UK and Russia (the company was liquidated due to the COVID-2019 pandemic)

What does D.A.R. mean?


D.A.R. was established to provide consulting, educational, research and evaluation services.

DEVELOPMENT refers to the development of the Russian art market, the promotion of talented artists, sculptors and representatives of all other creative fields.

We are independent experts in building and improving art collections. We work with both private and corporate clients

ART – refers to the broad idea of art and questions that it poses. What is art? What can be considered a work of art and how to evaluate it?What is part of the global art market, and who are its most important representatives?

RESEARCH – refers to the fact that the company is engaged in the study and examination of the work of artists, the evaluation of their works, the compilation of collectors’ portfolios and the analysis of their collections.

Why investinart?

  • To diversify your portfolio:

The value of an investment is subject to ever-changing market forces and can rise or fall sharply. On the contrary, the history of art sales has been stable and steadily evolving over time. Therefore, collecting art is an excellent option for diversifying your investment portfolio.

  • For stable investment:

The market for blue chips and contemporary masterpieces is considered to be extremely reliable. As demand grows from year to year, so does the potential for long-term financial gain. While the prices for these sought-after works have a high entry point, the investment is almost guaranteed to pay off and is therefore considered to be a safe one. While the demand for blue chips is growing, the price of entry is out of reach for most investors. Such investors turn their attention to emerging artists whose investment potential could generate significant returns. 

  • To leave a mark on culture:

Collecting works of art had and has a real cultural and historical significance. Collectors influence the cultural landscape both nationally and internationally and carry weight in art history. As an art investor, you can play a key role in preserving culture for future generations. Investing in up-and-coming artists supports them at a critical moment in their development, and over time, you can enjoy following the artist’s progress as they become more established. Becoming an art investor also means building a personal collection and taking part in creating significant art through your collection. Many choose to never sell their valuables, instead seeing them as part of their heritage.

  • For net-working:

The prestige of high-end collections also opens the door to exclusive art communities, providing access to hard-to-find pieces.  

 D.A.R. suggests a new approach to investing in art and building a personal collection. We act as your personal “art concierge”, providing a range of personalized services. We are always guided by the interests of the client – whether they are collecting emerging artists, 20th century masters or old masters. We assemble a team of reputable professionals to work with any niche, offering reliable advice on investing in art.

Objectives and approach to art-related counseling

  • Understanding the customer’s vision: 

We work with both private and corporate clients and offer design ideas for indoor and outdoor art. 
We carefully examine the context of the artworks choose a topic and find options for art collecting.
We determine key locations for artwork when creating design projects, as well as control the hanging and arrangement of works of art.
We search and collaborate with contemporary artists on individual basis

  • Consulting Services Guide 

Art curation for projects in Moscow For art consulting projects D.A.R. we evaluate the space assigned to us by the client and identify key opportunities for decorating it with art objects. Through careful research of the art market, we find artworks and develop proposals based on the unique context of an art project. We will select contemporary artworks so that they not only decorate your space, but also become an investment. 

  • Selecting artists for commissions  

An individual order of piece of art is thekey way toshow the unique character of the client or the project. We have considerable experience in the development of personalized pieces of art and, as well as search for the best artists for a given task. We will control communication between the client and the artist, to ensure its comfortability. As part of our dedication to open communication, we will insurevisitation to the artist’s studio, and we shall managing the delivery and installation of the artwork. We guarantee that the artwork will satisfy all ofthe client’s ambitions.

Personal Brand

Karina Gulyaeva-Garber is the founder of the Russian consulting company and personal brand D.A.R.

D.A.R. was created in 2020. Gulyaeva-Garber has been able to assemble a team of professional consultants, artists and technicians, who are personally and passionately committed to the creative industries.

The company is engaged in attracting investments to the art market, creating new private collections and diversifying existing ones in order to increase their prestige and profitability.

Many years of experience in the art market has allowed us to represent clients in the leading auction houses such as Sotheby’s and Phillips, as well as to cooperate with some of the world’s most significant galleries.

Installation, Hanging and Logistics

With technical expertise in art delivery and installation, DAR provides end-to-end art project management. This includes specialist knowledge of large-scale art installations and adherence to safety standards. All hand-picked artwork comes with custom fixtures and frames to ensure the premium quality of its subsequent presentation. Our Consulting Service offers a wide range of custom-made frames that provide sophisticated display of artwork in interior setting.

Educational program

For the Russian-speaking segment of our clients, we are happy to offer our lectures on history of art collecting, on top of talks focusing on the improvement of understanding of contemporary art in all its nuances.
  • Лекция №1: "История Коллекционирования" Часть 1
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  • Лекция №3: "Самые известные галереи и галеристы"
  • Лекция №4: "Развитие современного искусства от модернизма до концептуального искусства. Взгляд через призму коллекционирования
  • Лекция №5: "Концептуальное искусство и как его коллекционировать"
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  • Лекция №7: "Как смотреть на любое произведение искусства"
  • Лекция №8: "Фотография и как коллекционировать это направление в искусстве"
  • Лекция №9: "Видео арт и NFT"
  • Лекция №10: "Перформанс арт и как это связано с коллекционированием"